The Samantha Years

Life is Just a Chance to Grow a Soul- A. Powell Davies

This week…..

We checked back into Children’s on Thursday. Samantha had been on antibiotics for an ear infection. She wasn’t getting any better; perhaps a little worse. It was time, once again, to camp out on the 8th floor.

I called my parents and they expressed how sorry they were that we were back in.

“It’s okay,” I said, “we’ll get some answers and we’ll get her healed up.” I sounded slightly nonchalant and a bit blase’ about being back in. Have I gotten to used to this? Am I giving up? Just accepting that this is part of our life?

I don’t feel blase’. As I strapped on my big-girl undies, I felt like I was doing what was best for Samantha. Everytime we are back in, we move forward on the radar. We get more answers about tests, we push a little further.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate being in the hospital. But I think one of our greatest accomplishments as a family is that we have figured out how to be in the hospital. Our life does not stop.

This weekend I went for two 25 mile bike rides. I reserved a sleep room and got eight hours of sleep while Bart took the night shift. Bart went for a run and had a beer with my dad. We got out, we laughed…we had a decent weekend.

Samantha was exercised as she felt better. She was read to and cuddled for hours by her daddy.

Perhaps this works because we have to make it work. As I was riding today, I felt the warm wind in my face, the sweet scent of fresh mowed grass and marveled at how comfortable I’m feeling on my bike. I felt soulful, peaceful and strong. This is our life after all and we have to keep on living.

Speaking of life and growth….Samantha is growing MRSA in her ears and bladder. Infectious Disease has ordered more tests to determine how well her white cells are working since she gets infected so often. Hopefully, this will give us some answers.

She is comfortable right now and looking a little snarky. I think she’s feeling better 🙂 We’re hoping to go home tomorrow. She knows she is adored, not only by us but by all of you who keep sending good thoughts and prayers.

Thank you 🙂

8 thoughts on “Life is Just a Chance to Grow a Soul- A. Powell Davies”

  1. Once again, you put life into perspective so beautifully. We love you all and keep thinking anti-MRSA thoughts! xoxoxo


  2. I continue to be amazed & inspired by how you handle all life seems to throw your way! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. You have a gift with words!Sending big hugs to Samantha! Hope today is the day she gets to 'break free' & head back home!Love to all of you!Katie


  3. Heather, I absolutely love reading your blogs. Not only because I know you, but because they offer such witty and poignant insight into this motherhood journey.It's an instant dose of perspective for me every time I check in… and I find myself checking in A LOT because I know I will find something lovely.Keep on living…and we should all be able to truck along as well as your Samantha. Love to you ALL.Alissa


  4. “one of our greatest accomplishments as a family is that we have figured out how to be in the hospital.” – and stay healthy as a family. An accomplishment indeed! You show the way for many. Thank you. Barbara


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