Well Hello There:

Welcome to me and fourteen years of collecting my thoughts around life, love, grief, tragedy and joy. I started writing when my daughter, Samantha became chronically ill with a mitochondrial disease. This site and my journaling became my safe space, a place where I have met my closest friends, cried my monsoon tears, cursed the heavens and laughed until I cried again.

My writing can be snarky, irreverent and inappropriate. Having lost two children to this disease, I remain unapologetic in who I am and the words used to express my place in this universe. My words have saved my life.

I do believe, with every breath I take, that we can find joy. Grief demands its time, its place in our life and a seat at the table. Joy however, must be sought after and pursued with love and the commitment that no matter how our heart has been turned insight out, we can still find joy…..we just might need to look a little harder.