The Samantha Years


I have developed a pimple on my chin.

It has not gone away.

I play at it, pick at it, but it will not heal….it’s something beneath my skin that will not go away.

Kind of like this week…..This week is the Children’s Hospital Radiothon (if you can give, please do)….incredible, miraculous stories of healing and hope. Children who have entered the hospital with failing hearts, brain tumors, failing little bodies and have left that building….walking, talking, playing sports…perfectly normal.

Miraculous….truly, many of these kiddos would not be alive 20, 30 years ago. I listen to these stories, marvel at their fortune and pick at the annoying pimple on my chin.

This week an amazing video was released of a child who suffered a near-drowning accident. This child was in a coma, breathing tube, PICU and is now perfectly fine….like nothing happened. It’s an amazing story but it has rocked the world of my friends whose children are severely impacted due to an anoxic brain injury. Why weren’t these families the miraculous families?

I don’t know.

Is it okay to be envious that your family is not the miracle?


Is it okay to be a little pissed?

I think so.

But sometimes, as a society, we are not so good with the envious and pissed. We don’t know quite what to do. It’s much easier to join ranks with the miraculous. It’s much more fun. And in the world of fund raising, big miracles raise much more money.

My conclusion? I have none. So I pick at the clogged pore on my chin. Is it envy? Is it anger? A lack of personal hygiene? A combination of all three? Perhaps it should be released….popped like a balloon….perhaps it would heal…..or maybe not.

2 thoughts on “Pore”

  1. Wonderful poem for your Dad, Heather! He does deserve Gold! He has been funny, hip, and stylin'since I met him. . . Well, maybe not the stylin' part in the beginning! (haha). . . and I've known him since I was born!! In fact, he was the only boy I invited to my six year old birthday party! Love your Dad! I know he's proud of the wonderful person YOU are!!! Love you, Heather!


  2. My zit is on my forehead…what's with the pimple season? I try to remember that feelings are not right or wrong, rather a fact of life. Placing meaning to them is a bit judgemental…go ahead and be PISSED! But, please don't be consumed by it, I like happy Heather 😉


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