The Samantha Years

JAWS! By Samantha

Now, you would think that raising me would be enough excitement for Mama….

But no, she needs a little something else, a little reminder that she is still young and daring.

So I give you Mama, and a tank full of sharks….

You can see Mama’s tanks up towards the left.

Here she is with the dive master

A little Chum for Chum…

Of course Mama needs to get the family involved….here’s Pops hangin’ with the sharks too….

Mama in her fishbowl….


Mama throwing me a kiss. I am not happy about any of this!!!! Grandma Judi trying to tell me that Mama probably doesn’t taste very good.

In the shark tank with a buddy checking us out.

Nonnie telling Pops how to get out of the tank….take your first left and turn right at the shark

Even the tiger thought she was a little crazy…

I am very concerned about this behavior!!!!

3 thoughts on “JAWS! By Samantha”

  1. Wow! What an adventure!! But, we must agree with Sam. You guys were crazy!!! One look at those TEETH. . . I'd be heading far from that tank!! The tiger picture is amazing! Lance loves them and thought your picture was wonderful! He'd love a copy to add to his tiger file if you are willing to share!! 🙂 (high resolution)Love you!!


  2. Samantha, thank you for sharing the pictures of a fun day and a great celebration for your mom's birthday. Be sure to give your dad a special hug for taking all of those great pictures!! Love, Nonnie


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