Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Shooting for the Moon

I KNOW. It’s been almost a month since I have blogged.

And it’s late.

And I should go to bed.

But I’m a tad wired.

It has been an emotional month as Spring tends to be. I have been busy organizing our Courage Classic team and it has been met with amazing success. We have 24 members signed up to ride.

This year I set a goal for myself. If the team raises $50,000 we can designate what clinic the money goes to. We can have $50,000 go to the Mitochondrial and Special Care Clinic.

You know what is crazy? I think we can do it. We have already raised $13,785. How nuts is that????

So dear readers, I hope you forgive me but I might be a little fundraiser manic until July. I continue to be amazed by what can happen when things fall into place. I keep telling myself  “If you shoot for the moon and miss, you’re still among the stars.” now I’m thinking, “If you shoot for the moon, you might just hit the moon!”

Holy Schmoly, the moon.

We have created a promotional video with our fabulous kids, you can see it here:

AND if you would like to donate (but no pressure, really) you can read about our story here.

The biggest thing for me is that we are making something happen….and it is the most overwhelming, amazing feeling, in spite of all of the bad… makes my soul feel good.

Pretty stinkin cool.

Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Removing the Undergrowth

My garden needed a little attention this weekend.

Perhaps it is the outrageously warm weather.

Perhaps it’s the fact that my ski season has been cut short due to said warm weather.

Never mind the reason, I found myself in front of the beds with a spade, a rake and a set of clippers. As I cut away last year’s dead, I found a new little world of green waiting to be exposed to the sun. I found my tiny rose bush had survived a winter season and that our tree that sprouted the summer we lost Samantha had grown pink flowers.

I remembered how much I liked my garden.

I kind or conduct my garden the way I conduct my life…..if you’re non-evasive and pleasant in my space, you can stay, even if I don’t know quite what you are.

I have a lot of lovely unknowns in my garden.

I raked leaves through my strawberry patch, worried that I might pull strawberries up in the process but here’s the skinny on strawberries……

Strawberries, for as lovely as they are, are tough little berries; vicious in fact; they are currently staging an invasion on the vegetable garden….lobing tiny strawberry seeds into the zucchini area.

As I raked through the patch, not a single strawberry plant uprooted. But I did smell a lovely, spring scent….wild mint. Ahh, wild mint….I will wage a war against your weedy attitude in a couple months but for now you can live with the crazy strawberries.

I packed three bags of old, winter growth.

I sat in front of my garden and promised this would be a new summer; a summer of frequent watering’s and diligent wedding’s. The garden sighed and rolled it’s eyes, it hears my promises every summer and still manages to produce lovely tomatoes despite my neglect.

As I packed up my tools, a butterfly landed on my rake and visited for a while.

Hello Spring.