Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief


July, you mixed bag of mixed emotions…..You torrential rain storm on a sunny day……

You combination pizza with loaded with yummy extra mushrooms and a side of crap.

You super cute dress, that’s super on sale but only comes in a size two.

Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you July.  You are the scariest emotional roller coaster known to the Schichtel Household. 

And I rode Space Mountain….


July starts with the celebration of Jack, which we have become pretty good about. This year we got bone-in pork chops and a great bottle of red. Hubs and I sat around the table, gnawing on a pork chop bone, drinking wine and talking about the life that was Jack.

We are also training during this time, which is good. I can rationalize anything as long as I can ride it out.  

We also hit $50,000 during this time for our Summits for Samantha ride.

Here we are almost at the top of the roller coaster ride….the chains are still clinking, I grip the sidebars a little tighter… and I think wow we are really stinkin high…..and it begins….

Second week of July is the Triple Bypass….120 miles of riding, 3 mountain passes….whoo! whoo! Give me another loop da loop.

Third week is the Courage Classic AND Samantha’s birthday. AND we raised $100,000 AND we had 65 riders AND it really was the best weekend ever. 

It’s the third loop da loop…the one where I am so jacked up I’m laughing hysterically…wondering if I’m  laughing or crying but it really doesn’t matter because I’m strapped in and all you can do is enjoy the ride. 

side note: the pic above is my yin and yang in July. One part of me says I’m Queen of the World! The other part says Don’t throw up…don’t throw up

And it’s a good ride, a fun ride and then there is that dark tunnel.

Why does every roller coaster have a dark tunnel?

And then it stops….with a jerk. Kinda bounces my head back against the seat. And it’s time to get off.

But wait, there is one more ride, one more anniversary, the day we lost Samantha.

And that’s when I decide I’ve have had one corn dog too many, that funnel cake isn’t sitting right….and throw up in the garbage can next to the fun house.

Why do they call it the fun house? It’s not fun. Clowns are not fun. Those creepy mirrored rooms? 



Oh yes, this says hours of fun…hours and do I deal with those creepy emotional clowns in July? Oh me oh my oh. 

That final loop da’ loop is always going to kick my ass. And it’s good to have a group of friends to curse that stupid roller coaster with….and someone to hold my hair, while I throw up next to the creepy fun house clown.

Adios you crazy July. Until next year.