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It’s the Only Place I Have to Live In

I have created my own physical activity trifecta.

My very own hat trick:

The Bike

The Swim

The Orange Theory

I KNOW! It’s so very trendy right now. It’s the cult of the Orange Theory and I have to say they got me. They got me by my expanding biceps.

Seriously, I now have biceps. I came home the other day and flexed my arm in front of Hubs. And he said “Well look at that. I see a muscle.”

My body is far from perfect. I have a knee that hates me, my very own neuro-muscular condition that has me on meds and other issues that any 47 year old fights.

But it is mine. And it works. And when I think of the many things I am grateful for in this world, this flawed, functioning body of mine is one.

Yesterday at Orange Theory, I climbed up on the bike (because I can’t run on the treadmill….silly knee) and I stared back at myself as I started to pedal. We are gearing up for our silent auction and my Mito Peeps are on my mind.

I thought of Sammers, my brother, our kiddos, our adults…..our people whose bodies can’t work like they should.

This body is all I have. It’s all any of us have. Be so grateful it gets you out of bed, walks you to the bathroom, gets you to work……climbs you on a bike at Orange Theory.

I am now twenty minutes into my workout, super slimy with sweat, my heart rate has gone beyond the orange zone to the red and I think I might just be a tad pukey.

And I love it.

I love this beating heart. I love that I smell like a high school gym locker. I love that this body works.

This old lady, wonky knee, can’t-sneeze-without peeing myself  body.

In less than two weeks we will break bread and pour a glass of grape in honor and in memory of our Loves whose bodies are starved for energy- whose bodies want to be more; Our Mitochondrial Community.

Join us on the 7th. If for the only reason that your body is good place to live.

I’ll even flex a muscle 🙂

Life Today

I Got No Roots

I came up with the idea for this post when on nitrous oxide.
So please forgive me if its random….ha! Like my posts aren’t. For the record, nitrous oxide is kind of awesome as a controlled substance.

No Whippets.
I do not like going to the dentist. At all.
I think it started with several wisdom teeth extractions during my teenage years by a man named Dr. Maul.

20 shots of Novocain, I was numb enough to pull those suckers out…..with resistance. Do you know how long those wisdom teeth roots are? They connect to your thigh bone and never let go.
Never go to a doctor with the last name Maul.
 Image result for little shop of horrors dentist

Promise me.
The Samantha years brought tooth neglect…years of it. I didn’t have the time, I had Dr. Maul nightmares and here is the thing about going to the dentist……you walk in and your teeth feel okay. You walk out and your teeth hurt. I had no time for self induced hurt. 
After Samantha, I asked one person for a dentist referral. Note to self…..when looking for a referral, ask more than one person. I ended up with Huey Lewis and the News. I kid you not. He knew every 1980’s song, He had every teeth whitening kit ever made. His purple rayon blazers were super rad but after my third re-do on a root canal we had to break up.

It was 2011.
WHY WAS THIS SO HARD!!!!???? I wondered as my teeth slowly rotted out of my head.
Nothing makes me feel more vulnerable than a dentist.
Image result for little shop of horrors dentist
I’m not sure why….
Related image
This afternoon I finished my third root canal…..I got no roots. But now I do have a really good dentist who sat next to me before the procedure, held my hand and said, ‘what would give me an ‘A’ today?’
And I said ‘No pain.’
So he strapped on the nitrous oxide (for me, not him), he gave me some headphones and I listened to my new obsession, Hamilton.
The below was not the situation, but I find it funny 🙂  
 Related image

What is my point???

I have none. Did I mention I was on nitrous oxide when I thought this would be a great blog post?

Okay….maybe here it is. Take care of your teeth. That little molar in the back was a part of me for 47 years and in five minutes he was ground down to a stub, never to be heard from again. Adios little tooth. Thanks for hangin’ in there. I’m sorry I couldn’t do you better.

Second? It’s okay to say when you feel super vulnerable and need some help.

Third? Never go to a Dr. Maul.