The Samantha Years

Nothing’s Wrong?

The Schichtel family spent the long weekend at home. Since it was Veteran’s Day, we were hunkered in our bunker! Sorry, still a little punchy and suffering from cabin fever. Samantha was running a low-grade fever, fussy and had nasty ‘goo’ oozing from her ear. All this and she was on antibiotics! Something wasn’t right

Any condition outside of normal puts us on alert with regards to Samantha. A urinary tract infection put her in the hospital, fevers lead to seizures…we get concerned. After three days of staring at the baby, I made an appointment with Children’s Hospital.

“I think she’s ok.” My husband said.

“I need to know she’s ok.”

I loaded up the car this morning and Samantha and I headed down to Denver (about an hour drive).

“She looks good this morning.” Our doctor said.

I listed my concerns and what she had been going through this weekend…sleeping a lot, fussy, high temp. “I just think something’s not right.” I said.

Our doc ran numerous tests, we were sent down to the lab, even sent up to ear, nose and throat to check her gunky ear.

Guess what? Nothing is wrong! She’s getting over an ear infection but it’s clearing up nicely. Blood work, urine, everything came back fine and no seizures since Saturday (keep your fingers crossed!)

Mom radar is still on high alert but it was nice not to be right!

1 thought on “Nothing’s Wrong?”

  1. I’m so glad you’re blogging! Kayla’s story is amazing and I’m so glad your journey to Children’s yesterday was so uneventful!! What a relief. Love, Tracy


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