The Samantha Years

Welcome to Samantha Watch 2008

First day in the hospital! Samantha is hooked up and I’m watching squiggly waves on the monitor now. She had one seizure….as soon as the last electrode was placed on her head she gave a little show and then fell asleep for 4 hours. I think it was the airplane glue. Since the eletrodes have to stay on a squirmy baby for 5 days, they glue them onto her head with airplane glue and a small hairdryer thing…kid you not. An hour of breathing glue fumes….whooo! Stoney, zoney, pony.

We had a visit from our pharmacist as we tried to sort out Samantha’s meds. After explaining our drug protocol, he decided to keep me in charge of Samantha’s medication distribution. “I wouldn’t want to mess with your mojo.” He told me as he was on the way out of our room. Yeah! Don’t be messin’ with my mojo man.

That is about the extend of our day! Lots of visits from nurses and doctors…nothing definate yet. The new hospital is great and on-demand movies include Cinderella and Harry Potter. Could you ask for anything more? Really.

My mojo is tired; I’m hoping our baby girl is too. Here’s to tomorrow and more answers.

Schichtel Clan

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Samantha Watch 2008”

  1. I was curious how they were going to keep the little thingimigigs on her little head so long…I hope you at least got a kick out of the buzz it created, not sure what else is good about airplane glue! If the weather holds up we hope to visit tomorrow. Keep your head up and we are sending “meaningful EEG study karma” your way.


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