The Samantha Years


Okay, first off, Team Sammer Hammer ROCKS! The scene was a little chaotic but a big group of us managed to meet up and have a lovely walk together. We lost Amanda, Ava, and Amanda’s Mom (so sorry!). We had a brief but desperate disappearance of BoBo Baby and finshed three miles in a record breaking hour and twenty minutes! I think a good time was had by all. We had a ‘personal’ photographer (thank you Bill!) so we will be posting pictures soon! Thank you, thank you, thank you….all of you. Ya’ll are good for my soul. Thank you also to everyone who couldn’t make it but wished us well….again, good for the soul.

I truly believe we are here to learn from each other. We might need to slow down and search for the lesson but we are here to teach in our own ways. I’ve been thinking about perspective; I sometimes lack it and it seems to bite me in the hiney when I least expect it. Perspective: a technique of depicting volumes and spatial relationships on a flat surface. Are we oringinally flat surfaces? Do we find volumes within our life through our relationships? Do we have volumes to learn?

We left the Epilepsy walk hot and tired. Samantha was pretty fussy and by the time we got home she was running a fever. I did a urine test which revealed her umpeeth urine infection. We got on the phone with Children’s hospital, arranged an appointment for Monday and devised a plan to get through the night. Monday morning, a long appointment at Children’s, another round of antibiotics and back home.

My good feelings from the walk were thwarted.

And then I read Niki’s blog post.

I met Niki at the walk. She and her boys were a member of Team Hammer. They joined as a sister of a dear friend of Heidi’s. I cannot urge you enough to check her blog out. Her voice as a parent containing two boys for three miles, watching families effected with epilepsy on the walk and taking the time to be thankful for her own life and her own blessings is priceless and provides us all..well me…perspective. Check it out at

Because here’s the thing….I loose perspective. I forget how amazing it is that 1,400 people were all at the walk because they have been effected in some way by this crazy neurological disease. That these people can come out on a beautiful Sunday and enjoy the sun like everyone else. I forget what we have to be thankful for. I forget to loose myself in the preciousness of the moment. Thanks Niki, for reminding me to add a little cream to my coffee.

It’s sometimes hard to be Samantha’s mom, seizures, lack of smiles, hospitals, worry. But she has a gift to bring people together, provide a different view, by just being Samantha. And by giving people perspective, they give me perspective…we all learn from each other.

Again, thanks to you all. Here’s to finding spatial relations on a flat surface šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Perspective”

  1. Heather – Once again you bring such a beautiful voice to life (and tears to my eyes)! Sam is a lucky girl to have you as her mom.xoxoTracy


  2. Heather- Nikki was very touched you mentioned her blog! We were all very happy to support your family, and learn a little bit about ourselves along the way! Bree


  3. Heather – I only met you briefly at the walk – before we all set off on our 5K trek of keeping track of strollers, kids, friends, dogs, etc… but I was touched by your smile & by the fact that when I was introduced to you, instead of saying “Hi, so nice to meet you” (which is what I probably would have done), you gave me a hug. An act so simple, but very meaningful. It is so easy to go through the days of our lives not realizing the impact we have on other people. Although we didn’t get a chance to officially talk much, I ‘watched’ a lot, and you and your husband and Samantha impacted me and my children (and my husband because even though he wasn’t there, he definitely heard all about it!) more than you know.Thank you. And God bless you & your family.Nikki Zeman


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