The Samantha Years

My Get Well Picture- by Samantha

Jack and Ella drew me a Get Well Picture!

First you have to eat cookies for drawing energy.

I hope to copy Ella’s fashion sense someday.

That’s a good looking train Mr. Jack. Just as long as it’s a choo choo outta here….

1 thought on “My Get Well Picture- by Samantha”

  1. Heather, Bart, and most important Sam! I am glad to hear that all is well or getting better. She is growing into a beautiful little girl. I am glad that you stand up and request for certian things to be done. After all, who knows best besides mom. I so happy that she is in a big girl bed. She is lucky to have such a big support group who wouldn’t want to get better! Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Jay, Lacey, and Kendall.


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