The Samantha Years

Does She Like Diamonds and White BMWs?

Cooper is four years old and the nephew of my friend Bree. Bree called her sister (Cooper’s Mom) Saturday morning and ended up talking to Cooper….and then Bree and Cooper ended up talking about Samantha.

Cooper was very worried about Samantha being in the hospital and wanted to give her something. He only had two pennies. Luckily his Auntie Bree was throwing a jewerly party that night and Bree just happened to have a beautiful bracelet on a special Cooper clearance….. the braclet cost just two precious pennies. Cooper also thought that Samantha would like something with frogs…..Samantha is now wearing her beautiful pink bling braclet with princess frogs wearing golden crowns.

I have met Cooper once and I adore him. I adore you Cooper!

The complete story is on Bree’s blog which is below:

I am always touched by the kindess of others….especially the simple beauty that comes from these kiddos. Thank you Cooper.

Speaking of the kindness of others, our friend Pat brought us yummy stir fried shrimp and rice last night.

Thanks for dinner Pat!

And thanks to everyone for the cookies, the jam, the Wahoo’s, the coffees, the visits and the notes. The hospital can be a rotten, nasty place and it’s always wonderful to see familiar faces. We love, love, love you all.

We’re hoping for a hospital discharge by lunchtime. Keep your fingers crossed!


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