The Samantha Years

Adios PICarino- By Samantha

I have made my mama paranoid. Any cough, gag, complaint is reviewed, recorded, consulted, etc.

Yesterday I was cranky and woke up at 5:00am. Today I was cranky and woke up at 3:00am with a vengeance. After repositioning, cuddling, singing, bribing and calling the nurse, mama decided that six hours of fussing was not normal. She tossed me into the car (in my pajamas no less!) and took me on an impromptu field trip back to TCH.

After consulting with the doctor about what it COULD be the doc said “Well, let’s take a look at her PIC line.”

Mama and the doctor undid the bandage over the line and……ahhhhhhhh…..I stopped crying immediately.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Mama said. Well no Mama, my bandage was too tight and it huuuurrrrttttt!!!! If you take it off, I stop crying. It’s that simple.

So, the bandage stayed off because……the doctors decided the PIC line could come out!!! YAY! It took two seconds and I didn’t cry at all. It took a little drama but I got exactly what I wanted.

So that’s what I’M thankful for on Turkey Day. Mama too I think, she can now sleep through the night. Daddy too probably…..the Schichtel household has been a cranky, sleep-deprived place.

On a serious note….our Thanksgiving has been a little derailed. My G.G.’s (great grandma’s) sister died yesterday. I never met great, GREAT Aunt Mavis but I heard she made wonderful peanut brittle, was a cross-stitch diva and a good sister.

Her service has people from all over the country dropping their turkeys and flying to Plano, Illinois to say goodbye. That’s a loved lady.

G.G. is very sad because this is her last sister but I say you never have a last sister….My Mama claims to have ‘sisters’ all over the place. So, G.G. you’re not sister-less! You’re never sister-less. My mama says so.

And to Aunt Great, Great Mav….I wish I would have met you. Peanut brittle sounds quite tasty. Have a happy Thanksgiving in the land of big, white, fluffy mashed potatoes and golden, crispy turkeys oh, and send a word to my Jack-a-rino.

Happy PIC-less night!

Princess S.

3 thoughts on “Adios PICarino- By Samantha”

  1. Ahhhh…finally that damn thing that has been a source of crankiness gone. Good for you Sammer! Sorry to hear turkey day has been disrupted. Sending you and your momma hugs from Ava and I.


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