The Samantha Years

8th Floor Residents

So, we are back at Children’s. This time it was the ultimate tease…..we came in for an out-patient appointment and were sent upstairs three hours later. After hour two I started to have doubts that I would make it home in time for Entertainment Tonight….damn the electric fence.

Samantha has another infection that we ‘think’ is coming from her bladder. She was pretty upset and feverish last night…..we’re hoping for a better night tonight….keep you fingers crossed. Mama needs sleep!

She’s on IV antibiotics and waiting for the meds to take effect. Once she starts feeling better and we find some answers about these nasty UTI’s, we’ll be going home. I’m hoping this weekend or Monday. Again, cross those fingers.

Send her a good thought or two 🙂

Hope you all are well.

Heather, Bart and Samantha

2 thoughts on “8th Floor Residents”

  1. Sorry to hear it! We’ve been trying to avoid Children’s because the past two times we’ve been in for a “well check” Max has gotten sick!I hope Samantha feels better soon, and you can get some sleep!


  2. Oh boy Heather, I’m really sorry. I haven’t checked in for a while, or I would have been sending you the positive vibes so much earlier. My heart is SO with you both!! Courage ma petite Samantha!


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