The Samantha Years

Full Belly…Full Heart

I am still lavishing in the meal Susan and Andy brought over tonight…leg of lamb, roasted potatoes, organic cheese made at a local dairy, MALBEC (that’s for you Ryan) from Chile. Great meal and lovely conversation. Thank you, so very much Susan and Andy.

Towards the end of the meal, I played a CD of a dear friend’s band; Inda Eaton. If you have never heard of her, check out She is a fabulous musician and makes wonderful cookies.

I sat, with my daughter in my lap, drinking great wine, eating dark chocolate with crystallized ginger (who knew HOW GOOD that is?), talking to good friends, with another fabulous friend on the CD player….I was filled with love.

I told a friend the other day that I wish I wasn’t the friend that gives everyone else perspective but it’s nights like this that I relish in the simple beauty of our lives….the health of our daughter, a wonderful meal, and sweet music in my ears. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

3 thoughts on “Full Belly…Full Heart”

  1. Thanks for thinking of me while drinking your Malbec! Glad to hear that Samantha is doing better! Thinking of you 🙂 Your Bro.


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