The Samantha Years

I’m not gloating….just pretty darn lucky…

I’m posting ski pics….again.

Because I had a great ski day….again.

I’m not gloating….well I don’t mean to. I’m more giddy….I’m like a crack addict getting her fix…seriously. A good bump run, the sun on my face, the smell of pine…good living. I also got to ski with my husband which doesn’t happen too often unless we can get a condo AND try to convince one of the Grandparents to come up with us AND convince them that the skiing really isn’t that great AND they would be much happier in the condo with two year old.

It’s a long list….with a lot of caveats. It’s a list with a seizure protocol, tube feedings and a cell phone never out of sight. They still do it…I’m pretty darn lucky.

And they’re cute too aren’t they?

And they love Samantha to pieces.

How lucky are we?

So we strapped on our boards and I pretended I was Lindsay Vonn and forgot I was a mom. Yes, I know Lindsay Vonn is decades younger than me but this is my day off. I can pretend to be whoever I want.

My husband and I raced down the mountain like giddy prom dates, like courting polar bears, like flirting kangaroos, like….well we had a good time.

And then we met the babysitters/grandparents for a beer.

I might be gloating a touch.

4 thoughts on “I’m not gloating….just pretty darn lucky…”

  1. You DEFINITELY deserve a great day in the mountains! And, I’m sure the grandparents are always happy to oblige and spend the day with Samantha! Only wish I lived closer so that I could hang out with your sweet little one every once in a while!


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