The Samantha Years

Show no Mercy, Take no Prisoners

I am waging a war against these little bugs that keep infesting Baby Girl.

And oh yes, it’s very personal…

MRSA, Gram Positive Cocci, E-Coli…they are all on my hit list. At first I was somewhat casual about it. Bladder infection? Ten days of ammoxicillian? Well of course that should do the trick.

But now, after twenty days of infection and three return trips to the hospital, there is no more Nice Mommy.

It seems the infection has colonized…. Say the docs.

Colonized….I imagine little tribes of bacteria, hiding out in my daughter’s bladder, running and hiding when a big dose of ammox comes around and then resurfacing a day or two later.

“Whew! That was a close on wasn’t it Streptococcus?”

“Yeah, I think they got e-coli but we managed to escape.”

“Lets go find pseudomonas.”

Damm bugs.

So this last time we pulled out the big dogs. Two different kinds of I.V. antibiotics….vancomycin and clyndamycin…the nuclear warheads of antibiotics.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

And….Samantha is doing better. It seemed one more med made a difference. Her eyes are clearer, her color is better, she is sleeping better. Her blood and urine cultures are clean.

Thank God….

We also have her on a whooping dose of probiotics to try and bring back the GOOD bacteria.

The only problem is that a good General strategizes around the clock. Bacteria never sleep! We must be vigilent! Therefore, Samantha has been on a six hour med schedule.

We can do every six hours, can’t we?

Well, her meds take an hour and a half to deliver through her PIC line, which leaves four and half hours to sleep until the next dose is due, which means Mama has been a tired, cranky, General.

Today we had good news….it seems that the enemy is retreating. Today the PIC line was pulled and we are on an eight hour oral med schedule.

Eight hours is good.

Samantha is sleeping.

The General is going to bed.

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