The Samantha Years

If it looks like snot, smells like snot….tastes like????

Okay, I do draw the line at taste.

For the last month, Samantha has had this goopey, nasty looking stuff draining from her ear. She hasn’t been feverish or seemingly sick so I’ve just been cleaning it out with a q-tip and a little hydrogen peroxide.

I’m a little gross in that I kind of enjoy cleaning goopey, nasty stuff out of her ear….I’m an immediate gratification girl.

The ear stuff looks like snot. I have joked that Samantha would be the type child to have a runny ear instead of a runny nose. It’s just the way she rolls.

It doesn’t seem to be bothering her, snotty ears don’t bother me and in a valiant effort to avoid Children’s Hospital we’re all trying to manage this at home, without antibiotics.

It was a good try.

Last week Samantha had a bladder infection, her token snotty ear, a seizure and stomach issues. I threw in the towel and loaded up the car to Children’s.

The doctor looked in her ear. “EEEEEEWWWWWW.”

“I think it’s snot,” I said.

“Heather, it’s not snot. Snot comes from your nose….this is….”

Are you ready?

Here it comes


filled with pus”

Ugh….give me snot any day.

So the ear pus was cultured and found to be (yet again) MRSA positive.

Poor Peanut.

We were sent to the ear, nose and throat doctor to have everything cleaned out.

“I could have sworn it looked like snot,” I told our ENT doc

“Oh it’s snot. Yepper…it’s all your sinus cavity…all comes from the same place.”

Ah ha! My snotty suspicions have been validated and it sounds so much better than


filled with pus


Lil’ Miss is hanging in there despite her crazy mother chasing after her with a q-tip and analyzing the findings…..and despite having yet another MRSA infection. She is quite a trooper.

She also says the next post is hers.

3 thoughts on “If it looks like snot, smells like snot….tastes like????”

  1. Oh dear…yuck. We were discharged before you got up there, or I would have made a trip down to see you. So here's a question I have about all the times Sam has gotten MRSA, do you and your husband get it too? This is one thing Max hasn't had yet. Hope the ear snot clears up soon!


  2. Oh poor baby! I have issues with snot. You'd think after 14 years of wiping up snot I'd get over it, but I can't stand how it sticks to everything in those long, gross strands and then gets on my fingers no matter how much tissue I use. Snot in the ears? GROSS! I totally understand why you didn't take her to the doctor right away. Poor baby has been there too much as it is.


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