The Samantha Years

The little things…..

Today at school Samantha’s teacher asked everyone to pick a partner to go outside.

Samantha was sitting in her chair when one of the new little boys came up to her on his own, touched her shoulder and said, “Samantha will you be my partner?”

He approached her left side which is a tough side for Sammers but she purposely turned her head and looked right at him.

Samantha and her new friend went outside together.

Thanks new friend.

11 thoughts on “The little things…..”

  1. With tears in my eyes I say, thank goodness for pre-school! It has taken little 3 and 4 year olds to show me that it is OKAY and most adults are really missing what life is all about.


  2. Oh – LOVE this! Max always wants to play with Cici. Always! he wants to watch TV with her, read her books (he's 3 – obviously, not reading) and show her stuff. He wants her to come in the car with us and go places. I just love that little boy to pieces because of it. Her twin sister, not so much – yet anyway. Thank goodness for 3 year olds.


  3. Your blog posts lift my spirits Heather…I am so happy that Sammers is having a wonderful preschool experience. It's such a fun time for parents too….Love,Alissa


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