The Samantha Years

Just Being 3

Samantha was fussy this evening and nothing seemed to work.

I held her…and that didn’t help. I thought maybe she just needed to squirm around on the floor. Nope

Lay on your belly? Heck no.

I became worried. Is something wrong? I took her temperature; normal. I cath’d her; which came out fine. I suctioned out her nose; which really made her mad!

Hubby’s out of town so I bounced around ideas with myself…what am I missing?

Finally it was Samantha’s bedtime. I laid her in bed, tucked her in and kissed her goodnight.

And she stopped crying.

Aaaahhhhh…..tired and cranky! Could that be it? A typical three year old problem? Funny how I can diagnose a UTI in minutes but it takes me an evening to figure out tired and cranky.

Enjoying a typical 3 year old moment.

2 thoughts on “Just Being 3”

  1. Very nice! I had a similar evening…husband out of town and couldn't figure out what was wrong with fussy Max. Then we called daddy for a goodnight talk and he was all better. Just missing daddy…and ready for bed. Silly mommy!


  2. Queen Teen has these moments of extreme grumpiness. I'll ask her what's wrong and she'll shout, “I don't know!” Ah yes… she's being 14. I love those moments.


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