The Samantha Years

Just Being 3

Samantha was fussy this evening and nothing seemed to work.

I held her…and that didn’t help. I thought maybe she just needed to squirm around on the floor. Nope

Lay on your belly? Heck no.

I became worried. Is something wrong? I took her temperature; normal. I cath’d her; which came out fine. I suctioned out her nose; which really made her mad!

Hubby’s out of town so I bounced around ideas with myself…what am I missing?

Finally it was Samantha’s bedtime. I laid her in bed, tucked her in and kissed her goodnight.

And she stopped crying.

Aaaahhhhh…..tired and cranky! Could that be it? A typical three year old problem? Funny how I can diagnose a UTI in minutes but it takes me an evening to figure out tired and cranky.

Enjoying a typical 3 year old moment.

2 thoughts on “Just Being 3”

  1. Very nice! I had a similar evening…husband out of town and couldn't figure out what was wrong with fussy Max. Then we called daddy for a goodnight talk and he was all better. Just missing daddy…and ready for bed. Silly mommy!


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