The Samantha Years

But I Don’t WANT to be the Grownup!!!

About a month ago my friend Tammy got tickets to the midnight showing of New Moon. Now, I’m not the Twilight fan Tammy is. Come to think of it, I don’t KNOW a bigger Twilight fan than Tammy but I knew it would be a fun night and I hate to turn down an evening with the girls.

Midnight showing? Home at 3:30 in the morning? Heck yeah!

This week has been kind of tough for Samantha. We found out she has a UTI. We didn’t get her on the right antibiotics until four days into the infection. As the week has progressed, Samantha has become more and more uncomfortable.

Today she didn’t look so good. She was lethargic and so congested she was really working hard to breathe. So, we headed down to Children’s.

At 4:00 I called my friend Tammy and sacrifice my ticket to the New Moon gods. Damm…

At 4:30 we are sent home. The chest x-ray was clear. Her white cell count was normal and she was not running a temperature. But do to her lethargy and congestion, it’s assumed she has a virus.

UTI and a virus on top of that. Poor peanut.

But we’re going home! And I’m half tempted to call Tammy and tell her I’m back in.

But then I realize that Samantha needs to be watched, she needs to be suctioned and perhaps needs a couple additional meds tonight to keep her comfortable. Yes, hubby can do all that but the last thing I would want would be to return home, at 3:30 in the morning to a sick, distressed child that needs to be taken back down to Children’s.

And in her state, she needs a mommy on her ‘A’ game.


So I forgo New Moon and my jumbo box full of JuJu Beans. Perhaps it’s for the best, I was going with a bunch of ladies who are clearly for Team Edward and I’m a Team Jacob girl. That’s right ladies….lovin’ me some wolfman.

4 thoughts on “But I Don’t WANT to be the Grownup!!!”

  1. you made the right choice 🙂 3:30am!!! really, in bed, not at the movies. Hope Sam is feeling better soon. She seemed content Sunday. Hang in there and smooches to Smooch!


  2. Hope Sam bounces back quickly with the meds, and mommy on her A game. I can't handle those midnight showings anymore! Our 11 year old got to go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter this summer, and I felt awful the next day. But man oh man was I ever cool for that one night!


  3. I hope Sam is feeling well today – and on the road to recovery! Bree and I are going next weekend – can you meet us – even though you are team Jacob? I do have to admit – I'm liking the commercials with his shirt off!! Good job on being a grown up…no matter how hard it is…Sam thanks you endlessly!


  4. I am sorry to hear Sam had a tough week! I hope she feels better soon. I so recognize your story…change of plans…I just hope you didn't have to do the middle of the night trip back here!Take care, Maria.


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