The Samantha Years

The Holiday in Pictures…by Samantha

Mama was about to post her relief that the tree was put away, ribbons were picked up and stockings packed for another season. But no Mama! You can’t close up the season without posting my Christams extravaganza!

Tell me again about this Christmas thing….



I guess presents are okay…

Elmo from Santa is my favorite

The family showed up Christmas Eve

And all heck broke loose!

Pops and Uncle Ryan

Aunt Jen

Pops and Nonnie and their book…

Santa surprised Mama Christmas morning with a bike!

Sadly, my photographer forgot to snap some Christmas Day photos (he gets distracted!) Christmas Day was lovely with Grandma Judi and Grandpa Jim. Here they are at one of my first Christmas activities…the Nutcracker!

A week later Mama said I had to put my dancin’ shoes on once again. Here’s New Year’s Eve….

A little ‘adult beverage’

In-depth conversation…

Time with the boys

Snogs for me

And for the puppy

Ended the year right where I wanted to be!

6 thoughts on “The Holiday in Pictures…by Samantha”

  1. Love the photos!!! The ones with the presents are the best! Max insists he is over Elmo, but we'll always hold a place in our hearts for that furry red monster that first got his attention! And cool new bike!!


  2. Oh my goodness! I was amazed at how much she liked him! She smiled when she heard his high pitched voice…who would have known. You're never too old for Elmo πŸ™‚


  3. Lauren, my special “granddaughter,” who is now ten, (I can't believe that!!) has loved her Elmo since she was just a year or two old!! He goes with her everywhere!! It is very sweet!!Loved all the pictures, Heather! Thanks for all you do to keep us up to date!Love you guys!!


  4. Heather,Jacob simply LOVES Elmo! He watches it on TV, and talks to his tickle me Elmo doll! He once got so excited when I brought Elmo into the ICU that I was told to take him home, since it took Jacob out of his sedation…


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