The Samantha Years


It is late….

And I am tired…..

Too tired to post…

but my head feels like a pot of Earl Grey tea with so many ideas brewing in my brain

We had a GREAT weekend at Vail. We celebrated Pops’ birthday and SKIED…thanks to a vigilant, generous, Nonnie and Aunt Jen watching Samantha in the condo……

And tonight I attended my first board meeting at Foothills Gateway….

And I talked to parents of older children whose disabilities are just as severe as Samantha’s…

And those parents still laugh, smile and even get away for a weekend despite years and years of the vigilant, high maintenance parenting required with these fragile kiddos.

I left feeling lighter and quite hopeful.

Long weekends are the best.

2 thoughts on “Late”

  1. I thought about the family during the past days and the Big Guy's birthday celebration!! So glad you all had a great time! You had wonderful people with whom to spend the weekend!! . . . We do have amazing blood running through our veins!!Love you all so much!!Lowrie


  2. Foothills Gateway…this sounds new and fun. I'm excited to hear about it – whatever it may be. ENVISION just sucks and I am trying to cut my ties, not because I don't want to help this population thrive but because I feel like the person at the top does not hold those same desires. Let's get out in the next week or so.


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