The Samantha Years

And even if my house fall down, I wouldn’t have a clue, because you’re near me

This is from one of my favorite songs. It’s by Dido and called
Thank You…..

Here’s what has happened in the last 24….

I left you all sad and scared but getting a handle on our unknown future.

Around 8:00, we had 2 visitors donning our wonderful sign telling the seizures to stay away! Our lovely friend Jenny, commissioned her sister who volunteers on the 6th floor to make this sign. Isn’t it lovely?

To have people deliver this, which verbalizes all I want for our little girl right now, well I just lost it. Poor Jenny’s sister, Mary….all I could do was just cry, and hug her and finally offer her a Milano cookie. Our sign hangs on the door of 845 warning the seizure monsters to stay away.

And day one of the wean…..they have stayed away. Samantha has had a good day. She is awake and smiley.

To make matters a little more interesting, hubby is still stuck in Budapest due to the volcano. The time of return has been pushed back later and later as Iceland continues to erupt.

Nothing makes me feel more vulnerable than a sick Samantha and a stranded husband.

Last night, hubby set up ‘command central’ to try and reschedule a flight home. He looked up flights, called the airline, was put on hold, and promptly fell asleep while waiting for a Rep.

His coworkers woke him up. They found him an itinerary.

If all goes well, Hubby will fly from Budapest to Bucharest (Hungary to Romania)….

To Rome…(only to spend a night in Rome)

To Boston….

To Us….

Two days, five cities….

Hubby’s co-workers are scheduled to return much, much later; Wednesday if the volcano behaves itself. They put this itinerary together for us….so he could be with us in the hospital. They did this while hubby, perhaps a tad overwhelmed, slept on the couch.

Thank you hubby coworkers and friends….really…thank you.

We still don’t know if he will get home but we have people pulling, rooting, finding a way to get him home….to us.

thank you.

Your calls and emails have been so wonderful. I’m sorry they have not all been returned but they are all read and will be returned…

In the meantime, thank you 🙂

P.S… are a couple links for Samantha….

To send her a Children’s Hospital Card

To light a candle

2 thoughts on “And even if my house fall down, I wouldn’t have a clue, because you’re near me”

  1. I hope hubby makes it home quickly…how wonderful of his co-workers to help out. I'm so happy to hear Samantha had a good day. I hope tomorrow is even better!I know you've had plenty of offers, but really really if there is anything at all you need or want let me know…any time! Our weekend is wide open!


  2. Hi Heather,I am SO happy Samantha had a good day yesterday! That is really good news.I LOVE the signs from Jenny's sister, and this one is the BEST! I hope Bart makes it home soon. He sure will have seen a lot of airports in Europe before he makes it home!Lots of love from here, and if you do need anything, just let me know!


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