The Samantha Years

To Conclude

I have come to a profound, perhaps shocking conclusion…..

Are you ready?

I have determined that The Children’s Hospital, as nice as it may be, is a slightly stressful environment.

And numerous days in said environment could have an effect on the overall psyche.

I know… are shocked.

Today was busy; not stressful but busy. Samantha got her PIC line, (she is doing MUCH better). I didn’t fight with a doctor. We even had a tornado warning sending everyone out into the hallways.

Busy day.

Grandma Judi came in to give me a little respite. I am out of toothpaste and I feel that good dental hygiene is important… off to Walmart.

I’m waiting for the elevator on the 8th floor with a mom and her teenage son. As we pile into the elevator I think to myself that the son looks a little pale….really pale….vampire pale. I know vampire pale because I just watched New Moon last night.

We head down to the six floor….vampire pale son looks worse.

Fifth floor….his head droops to the side.

Forth floor….the son has passed out.

It all happened so fast. I didn’t really realize what was going on until the mother looked at the rest of us, trying to support her son and screams HELP ME!


I don’t really know what happened after that. Someone stopped the elevator, I remember holding a part of him as we made it onto the forth floor. I do remember saying we should lay him down and I do remember screaming Call a code!

Call a code is hospital talk for What the *&$%#$!!!!!

I wanted to say call 911! But we’re already in the hospital.

Calling a code sounded a bit dramatic to me but really, he had just gone unconscious…out between floor 4 and 5. I no longer take these things lightly.

I kneeled next to him until I realized that when you scream out Call a code! in the hospital, that people take you very, very seriously. We were immediately surrounded by 20 medical people.

Well it’s nice to know everyone responds quickly.

Teenage son was now lucid and awake wondering why this crazy lady is next to him.

Teen Son Mom is crying. Teen Son Mom is stressed. They had just gotten discharged and Teen Son passes out in the elevator.

So I start crying….for Teen Son Mom. Because I know where she’s coming from. And because I too am stressed…..

and really, the last thing I need in my life right now is people passing out in my elevator. Note to reader…..if you are going to pass out, please stay out of my elevator….at least for a week or two.

I just want to go to Walmart.

6 thoughts on “To Conclude”

  1. Who are you…calling codes in the hospital!? 😉 It just gets inside of you when you're there…you start talking their talk…acting like a different person. I think we have to. I hope WalMart gives you a bit of levity…and keep safe with those twisters!!


  2. I just learned that it is possible to get teary eyed for said teen and teen mom, knowing all to well the fear of something being wrong with you child and laughing hystaricly all in a matter of 5.5 seconds! I hope you made it to walmart and back with out anymore code calling! Pam and Makenzie!


  3. CALL A CODE! I love it – you are amazing my friend! When do we get to see you put Heather Schichtel, M.D. after your name? You deserve it! I'll call you today – sorry about the call yesterday – it was one of those days! I will see you this weekend! P.s. Hope Sam is doing well – and her tummy has calmed down!!


  4. Call a code…sheeesssshhhh. I feel even worse now that I didn't deliver a bottle of wine to you yesterday as planned. Good going, though. AND it is a good thing you are writing a book!


  5. Reading this gives me stress — sort of like post traumatic stress syndrome/disorder.I'm sorry you're having to endure — I hope your little one gets out of there soon and the hospital is just a place that you've BEEN and never will BE there again.


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