The Samantha Years

My Peeps- By Samantha

Mama gets so worked up about ME…especially when we’re here on the 8th floor. I keep telling her that even though we’re chillin‘ at the CH, life outside goes on and sometimes, it’s good to tell stories about other people; especially my good friends.

Here’s a little snippet about my buddy Kayla. Kayla is very used to being a T.V. star. In fact, you might recognize her from the American Furniture Warehouse Easter Seals commercials.

Because she’s a super star.

Today she is featured on 9 News; walking and talking about the gait lab at Children’s Hospital. I think it’s pretty darn cool that the technology used in movies like Avatar are helping kiddos like Kayla learn to walk. Someday I’ll be scootin‘ along at that gait lab…..once I get off the 8th floor of course.

Speaking of which, there is a rumor going around that I could be going home tomorrow! I’ll be going home on I.V. fluids and a 24 hour feed but home nonetheless.

Don’t tell Mama I told you. She gets a little paranoid and superstitious about posting a discharge that hasn’t happened yet; especially after last week! So, if you don’t hear from her until tomorrow eve it’s because she probably won’t say a thing until we step through the front door of our humble abode.

So send us a little prayer or good thought; do a get-Samantha-home dance and hey, check out my girl Kayla on 9 News, she’s pretty darn cool.

2 thoughts on “My Peeps- By Samantha”

  1. Well – On Monday morning, you can bet that Samantha's whole class will be doing the “Samantha Come Home and Back to School” Dance!! We're the best dancers you could ever imagine and we'd do anything to have our friend back in school with us!! We miss you Samantha!! Sending lots of wishes and dances your way!! Love, your teachers and preschool buddies!


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