The Samantha Years

Becoming a Mother is Like…….

Happy Mother’s Day dear readers! Ya’ll know how much I love Get Born Magazine. This week they are running five different posts on the topic; Becoming a Mother is Like from five different bloggers. I’m Friday! And here is my mother comparison:

Becoming a mother is like going on safari; becoming one with my inner animal.

I am the mama bear; growling, charging, rising up on my hairy haunches at those who come between me and my cub.

I am also the mama bear in that lack of shower time has given me hairy haunches.

I am the elephant; calling on the other ladies in my herd to look after my calf when I just need to go out and well….be an elephant.

I have been the kangaroo…..

And alas the proverbial cow.

I have been known to groom my entire family like a chimp.

And tended to my nest; sitting patiently on my egg.

I have grown claws. I have been known to howl, chirp, bark and snap. Fortunately, for all involved, I have yet to bite…

I do try to be somewhat human; speak in complete sentences; plan ahead, schedule, find clean clothing that does not contain baby funk. In my balance between wild mama and socialized mama however, I have learned that no matter what is going on in our civilized, humane world, there is nothing more primal than a two year old having a tantrum. Diapers will still explode at inopportune times, children will still projectile vomit and nursing breasts do not care if you’re wearing cashmere.

Civilized? We’re a tribe of crazy monkeys.

On Mother’s Day, go to for a special message about becoming a mother from editor Heather Janssen AND be entered for free, fabulous schwag to splurge your fabulous self from participating get born advertisers. (Sneak peeks here, here and here.)

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