The Samantha Years


I am not a fan of seizures.

And I have forgotten what it’s like to have a child with uncontrolled seizures because for 2 1/2 years we had good seizure control on the diet.

Bettter-than-I-thought seizure control…..

Now we don’t really have good control and I miss it.

Alas, time to tweak another med.

Samantha had a good two weeks. Her lipase has been out-of-control, through the roof high but she has been in good spirits. So, we have been in good spirits.

But today, in the midst of a crazy rainstorm and bumper to bumper traffic on I-25, she had a seizure, and another seizure, and another. I pulled off to give her rescue med but it was like throwing a glass of water at a burning house.


When your rescue med doesn’t work, it’s time to call in the professionals. So I did. We were told to turn back around and head to Children’s

So we did, and proceeded to battle bumper-to-bumper traffic going South.

I swear, families who have seizures should have a little siren on top of their car to get them through crazy traffic.

I would only use my little siren during seizure times.

I promise.

Upon arriving at Children’s we found out Samantha had a temp. Possibly the reason for the seizures? Who knows.

We do know we’re camping out on floor #8 tonight. Hoping for a quick stay.


3 thoughts on “PPPHHHHHFFFFFF”

  1. I am so sorry to hear the dreaded S word! I hope the stay is short and the new medication combos work well. This has got to be very stressful. Hang in there!


  2. Grrr. Be gone, Seizures!I think you should get a patent on that siren idea. I sense a funky etsy site featuring Samantha's Mom's Seizure Sirens in your future. It's worth a shot, right?I hope you're in and out in no time.


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