The Samantha Years

PICU Sucks

I wanted to say I hate the PICU….

But I don’t really. I just hate the fact we’re here. The PICU stands for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit…..reserved for really sick kids.

The doors are all sliding glass so the nurse can observe kids 24 hours a day. We are at one end of the PICU, the bathroom is at the other end….so, if you have to pee, you have to walk past 12 rooms of sick kids.

12 rooms….

I try to ‘hold it’ so I don’t even have to walk past 12 rooms. If I do, I try not to look in…..ugh…. kiddos hooked up to five different machines, parents with that ‘lost’ look in their eyes….

if you gotta be here, you gotta be here but yeah, the PICU sucks.

We are here tonight because Samantha crashed while being sedated for her MRI. When the anesthesiologist started her ‘cocktail’ of meds, her heartbeat became irregular and her oxygen stats dropped to 60% .

The doctor immediately stopped the sedation process. Samantha woke up on the way back to the recovery room with a doozy of a seizure.

Big seizure + irregular heartbeat + dropped stats = PICU

She looks better tonight and is resting comfortably. We have no results from the MRI because it just didn’t happen.

Her belly remains a mystery.

I’m okay with that.

Hoping to be back on 8 tomorrow.

Send Samantha a cheer card here 🙂

8 thoughts on “PICU Sucks”

  1. I keep trying to send a card but the dumb link locks up my computer.Know that you are thought of and tell that sweet Sam we want her better soon and all of you home (though we'll take 8th floor as a start!)Renee and John Walbert


  2. Whew…we got that monster to her just in time. Sorry you're in the picu, but I hope it helps get her a little more attention so you can get her belly figured out. And then hopefully you'll get back up to 8 and on home!


  3. I agree. I hate the PICU. The doctors and nurses are wondeful but I hate the fact that Smooch is in the PICU. She was looking better by the time we left tonight even tho she was still pretty zonked out.Love you guys.Mom


  4. Hey Heather – Just letting you know we are thinking about you – and sending a few extra prayers your way. I'm available to bring some coffee and a hug this morning – I'll give you a call when we are on our way to school – to see if I can reach you. Hopefully you will be moving back to the 8th floor asap!!Love,Heidi


  5. Hugs to you! I want to say something comforting and perfect, but I think THIS SUCKS..does about cover it! As always Sam is in our prayers, real prayers, Max's slurry “Antha” Prayers that he says every day.


  6. I wish Samantha and your family a beautiful day of smiles! I have not met your sweet little girl, nor do I know you. Your daughter is very dear to my friend Tracey Shelley's heart who has kept us all informed on Samantha. From out here in Tsawwassen,BC I send you hugs and smiles daily. Take care.Sincerely,Trudy 🙂


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