The Samantha Years


When you spend two months back and forth from the hospital, things tend to slip.

The other day a sales clerk asked me if I was aware that my driver’s license had expired….

“Expired?” I said, “No way.”


It expired on my birthday….

Which was in January….

I thanked her because no I had no idea. I never get carded anymore. I rarely write checks. I don’t fly anywhere anymore. No reason to look at my drivers license, which just happened to be 6 months expired.

So today I packed up Samantha and we went down to the DMV. After about 20 minutes, number 64 was called and I went up to the desk to be assisted by ‘Jerry’.

“Still at this address?” He asks


“Height is 5’10”, weight correct?”

I haven’t really weighed what my driver’s license says weigh for a while. I decided to finally come clean, “eh, add ten pounds to that.”

“Oh that’s a pity,” he said.

Really? That’s a pity?

“Blue eyes, brown hair?” he continued.

“Hmmm, you should probably change the hair to gray.”

“Well it’s your choice.”

I wasn’t sure if Jerry was commenting that was my choice to be gray or to put said color on my license. Nevertheless, I thanked Jerry for his hair and weight consultation, smiled for my picture and walked away, legal once again.

Next time I’m going in saying that I’m 120 and blond, just to see what I can get away with.

P.S. If you have a chance, read the comments left on my Mr. Toad post. KD left a great poem on the subject and the other comments are quite lovely. Jenny, Max can come up and catch toads anytime 🙂

2 thoughts on “Renew”

  1. I had to laugh so much that my husband walked over to the computer to see what I was reading.Thanks for a great laugh on a Thursday evening.


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