The Samantha Years


The sun is out!

The sun is out after a couple rainy days meaning my puny three-inch plants are now blossoming into leafy little monsters.

My garden is starting to look like a small Jurassic park.

But have no idea what I planted.

This happens every year. I get a tad overzealous in my planting and forget what I actually bought until it starts bearing some sort of fruit or veggie.

Oh wow, I did plant a cucumber there. Oh hey, there’s a pepper.

It’s kind of like Christmas…..but maybe a little disturbing because I’m the one who bought planted everything…

And I still can’t remember.

And sometimes, the fact that the plant will even produce something, still isn’t a sure thing that I know what it is. Last year I was insistent that I planted a pumpkin. My sister-in-law commented on the lovely fruit growing in my garden.

“Heather, your watermelon looks fabulous!” She said.

“Oh no, that’s not a watermelon, it’s a pumpkin.”

“But it’s green, and round and has light green strips on it.”

“Oh no, it’s a pumpkin. I think it’s a special pumpkin that turns orange when it gets colder.”

I waited all summer for that silly pumpkin to turn orange.

September came about and my sister-in-law insisted I pick it and slice it open. This pumpkin/watermelon debate was driving her crazy.

The inside was a lovely shade of red and it tasted remarkably like a watermelon.

Son of a gun…..all this time I grew a watermelon….and it never did turn orange.

Today I gave my adolescent plants a little pep-talk, telling them they could grow up to be anything they wanted. Seeing that I can’t remember what they should be, I feel like I’m giving them a little independence.

Who knows what we’ll grow.

1 thought on “PumpkinMelon”

  1. Oh, I love this one Heather!!!!!! As a very busy gardener I always give my plants the kind of independence they need :-)))) good one – I will have to borrow that for customers that ask me what is growing in their garden and sometimes I can´t remember…thanks for the help and tell your garden I said hi – lots of love from your garden friend Sonja 🙂


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