The Samantha Years

Torrid Affair

I’m having a love affair.

It’s not with my husband……..

but he seems to understand. In fact, this weekend he kicked me out of bed in order to go on my date.

The subject of my affair is fabulously exotic….well he sounds exotic….his name is Scattante but I can never pronounce that correctly, so I just call him Mr. S.

Mr. S. has a carbon fiber frame, he is a stunning dark grey, light and speedy with new pedals and super-sonic tires. He’s not a talker but that’s okay, we speak the language of bike.

On Sunday Mr. S. and I were out for hours. We went past Carter Lake, through Masonville and up to Horsetooth Reservoir. This is one of my favorite rides…..few cars, great scenery, rolling hills. Sunday was nice and cool so Mr. S and I stayed out a little later. We shared a chocolate chip Cliff bar on the top of Horsetooth. Well, I ate most of it….Mr. S. likes to watch his super sleek figure.

Time with Mr. S. is good… nice I tend to lose my head a bit. Here we are together…..match made in heaven.

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