The Samantha Years

Stage Mom

A lot of exciting things are happening at the Schichtel household!

We are in the height of training, summer events, friends turning 40!!!??? and getting Samantha on the television.
T.V. baby.
Children’s really liked our Smilebox video….they liked it so much they sent it to 9news. 9news loved the pictures of the ride and our kiddos. They loved it so much, they used our photos in their commercial.
Very exciting!
On Monday I got a call saying that the commercial is airing but, sadly, they forgot to put a picture of Samantha in it.
I was a little disappointed but felt a little stage-momish by being disappointed AND a picture of our team and who we ride for is in the commercial….that’s important isn’t it? AND Samantha’s buddies are in the commercial.
On Wednesday I got a call asking for a photo of Samantha since they felt like she should be included.
Oh how great! I sent a photo to the PR firm.
But by including Samantha, they cut Max. Jeez oh’ Pete.
Regardless, here are the two fabulous version of the commercial with our wonderful kids.

2 thoughts on “Stage Mom”

  1. Max says, it's Samantha's birthday next week…he doesn't mind! (Plus, we caught the video of him in the spot!)I hope it helps to bring in some more funds!


  2. Wow, how wonderful that they used your photos! I really love the music in your slideshow though. It makes me want to get on a bike and get going!It was fun seeing both versions!


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