The Samantha Years

Summer School

Samantha finished summer school on Tuesday.

She has never attended summer school.

I have never been a summer school parent.

Unchartered territory…..

Summer school is a funny little animal because it’s summer and summer is the time when you shouldn’t be in school. The atmosphere is pretty laid back and protocol that happens during the school year just doesn’t happen during the summer….primarily because they don’t have the staffing.

In any other situation, these relaxed circumstances would drive me crazy…..nuts…

Relaxed atmosphere? We are many things in our household but relaxed is hard to come by. We are scheduled, timed, measured and monitored….but not relaxed.

Thank goodness….THANK GOODNESS…our lovely para from the school year, our fabulous Miss Linda volunteered to work summer school and be Samantha’s para.

I hugged her the first day and whispered in her ear “I’m so very glad you’re here for us.”

And meant it with every bone in my body…..down to my pinky-toe bone.

If Miss Linda is watching Samantha, all is good…..the world is right.

Because she loves Samantha and Lil’ Miss loves her right back.

And her cell phone is always in range….ready to take a call from a hysterical Samantha’s Mommy.

I think she needs a super hero cape……Miss Linda….Super Para!

I’m quite serious.

The last couple days she had a side-kick, her daughter Rachel; who loves Samantha just as much.

Once again, how lucky are we?

Here we are with some of Samantha’s buddies on the last day of summer school.

Samantha and the dynamic duo!

Miss you already Miss Linda! See you in August. Love, Samantha

2 thoughts on “Summer School”

  1. Linda is wonderful! We love her too and she was always one of Max's favorites.I can't wait to have the whole crew back together in August. I miss seeing everyone!


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