6 thoughts on “Hopeful Parents”

  1. It's wonderful Heather…and so so true. It hit me today while I was feeding Max a few spoonfuls of bananas. He used to eat them like a monkey, and now we are thrilled if he'll take a few bites. It's so strange how that grief can creep up and take hold. But like you said, we just have to let it be momentary. And rejoice in the little things, like the fact that Max took three bites of banana today.


  2. Great post! I often am looking for a tower to focus on as well. I need to come over and see the new bed. I am sure Caroline would love to weigh in on how to add a little “princess” to Samantha's room.I will be at Ikea tomorrow. I will call if I see anything special besides the swing we talked about!


  3. I feel with you. We've been married for about 8 years now and have a lovely daughter. After her, I lost 2 pregnancies and am starting to give up on the hope for a second child. I miss the second child we never had and probably won't have. But we have each other and our love for each other is what counts.


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