Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Insolent Mouse

I was toodling around town the other day and pulled behind a big truck. A great, big Mickey Mouse was displayed on the rear window.

Mickey was smiling at me; one hand on his swingy little hip. He was smiling his great, big Mickey smile…..

And he was flipping me the bird.

Really? I thought. Really, really? In what world is it okay to display a Mickey Mouse, an icon of our childhood, the innocence of our youth…in what world is it okay to have Mickey flipping me the bird???

And Mickey seemed to be right in front of me no matter where I went. I would swerve left, he went left…right, he went right…I sped up. I slowed down…it didn’t matter stupid, insolent, middle-finger Mickey was always right ahead of me.

Why does this bother me so much? And I thought about it. It shouldn’t really bother me. The owner of Mickey obviously had an agenda and I was playing right into it.

But in the last month I have been covered in love, kisses, chocolate, wine, prayers, readings, books, candles and more love….love, love, love. I had come to feel good, wonderful, hopeful, about our world and the people in it.

I wasn’t prepared for finger Mickey. In my snuggly shroud of unconditional support, I forgot how some people move through the world….sometimes it isn’t very nice or respectful.

So went home, took a nap, collected the mail and read letters from you all. And I felt kind of bad for the insolent-Mickey owner.

I’ll bet he doesn’t have a snuggly of unconditional love.

But I only felt kind of bad.

4 thoughts on “Insolent Mouse”

  1. Silly…he wasn't flipping you off…he was flipping Grief off who was sitting with his feet propped up on your headrest in the back-seat, while he was eating cheese balls. Even the bird flipping Mickey was watching out for you. 🙂


  2. Deana! Ha! Too true! Grief was probably leaving crumbs all over your backseat too!And as awful as some of the things that have happened to us are – I think sometimes I also feel bad for the people that don't get to experience a renewal of our faith in humanity and have the kind of support that we all have. It's a strange place to be.


  3. Hi! Making Mickey flip the bird is just a *great* way to annoy parents who have to explain this stuff to little children. Think of the time and effort this guy must have put into such a piddly endeavour…


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