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Bad Breakfast

Taboo, Sugary Cereal Day at work lead me to several interesting observations……

I really did bring Lucky Charms.

I haven’t had Lucky Charms since I was 8…..there might be a reason for this.

I walked into the cereal aisle looking for my marshmellowy delight and wondered where the heck it was. At eye level, I only found Special K, Corn Flakes and Fiber One, no sign of my little leprechaun.

And did you know, Lucky the Leprechaun was born in 1964 and has been magically delicious ever since?

I love the wide world of Web.

But I digress….

I couldn’t find Lucky and his Charms because all of the sugary cereal is located two feet above the cereal aisle floor; eye level for the wandering 4 year old. Seriously, next time you’re in the cereal aisle, look down two feet, it’s a crazy, cartoon, cereal party down there; Tony the Tiger, Snap, Crackle, Pop, CocoPuffs, and that nutty Toucan…..all down there.


So I brought my Charms of Luck to work and continued to drink my coffee and helped myself to a bowl….because after all, they’re magically delicious!

Fifteen minutes later, my heart started palpitating, I couldn’t speak in complete sentences and I was skipping through the hallways singing How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria. Clearly, I was suffering from a caffeine, Lucky Charms overload from only one bowl.

My only thought was they feed this to small children in the morning and then put them on a bus????!!!!

Thank God it now comes fortified with fiber and calcium.

But the marshmallows are now bigger so one negative probably cancels out the fiber positive.

I will probably wait another 32 years for another bowl of Lucky Charms….that leprechaun is quite naughty.

6 thoughts on “Bad Breakfast”

  1. How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand? Thank you for putting that lovely song in my head as I go to bed! And those sugary cereals make me feel like I can fly….and make me crash hard to remind myself that I definitely can't handle them anymore!


  2. . . . and the reason those eight year olds I used to greet every morning at school couldn't sit still at 8:15!Ahhh, yes! Store marketing is pretty clever! Next time, look for the porridge. Add some fresh fruit, nuts, and a little scoop of granola, and you've got an adult version of Lucky Charms!! Yummo!!!Can you tell I'm still in the UK?!! . . . “porridge??!” The cereal isle is very short here! There are a few sugary ones. I'll have to check to see if Lucky Charms have crossed the Atlantic!! xox


  3. This made me laugh…I just had Ray read it too. He has been feeding Caroline Lucky Charms for breakfast for a few weeks now. Perhaps this is why the child is talking about stomach aches each day and having emotional melt downs on the school bus….hmmm. I learned something today.


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