Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief


Yesterday the Samsmom blog hit 50,000.

50,000 people in the last 3 three years have come to visit our blog. You have embraced our family, fell in love with Samantha, prayed with us when times were hard, mourned the loss of Lil’ Miss and now you continue with us on our eternal journey for healing.

Thank you.

In honor of 50,000, I give you our very first blog post. It’s an oldie, it’s been published a couple times, but I think it a goodie. You can find it here.

And to the next 50,000…thank you for being here with us.


5 thoughts on “50,000”

  1. This has always been my favorite writing of yours…I didn't know it was the first one. When I looked at it today, it became even more special, as I noticed the date of your first blog post, was also the date 3 years later Sam left us. I am glad you started writing, and we had 3 years of getting to know her more and more through your words. Hugs to you!


  2. The posting date is something, almost erie. Thank you, Deana, for noticing. I was struck by the comments that people posted on that very first story–the revelation for many of your writing gift. I'm glad you're still writing, Heather. I look forward to your wisdom and insight every morning.Love, Cynde


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