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Our fabulous foundation, Miracles for Mito is supported by another foundation that helps non-profits get on their feet.

They are wonderful and handle all of the details that I don’t like….

I’m not a finance person. I’m not a lawyer. The only thing I know about HR is that I need to bring my social security card and driver’s license on the first day at work.

Rules confuse me.

So, I am handing off the handling of the rules to the non-profit development center….happily handing this off.

The other day I sat at the CNDC orientation. Since they handle our legal issues, we are obligated to inform them in the case of a health ‘incident’ at any event.

I had to raise my hand… the special needs community, we have many ‘moments’ that others may qualify as an ‘incident’.

What exactly qualifies as an incident? I asked. Our kids have seizures or medical issues when they are out and about but it’s really no big deal. The parents know how to handle it. Do you want me to call then?

Do you call 911 with a seizure? They asked.

Not always….sometimes.

Well, she paused, maybe if they had a seizure but the parent wasn’t happy with how things were handled, then maybe call us to report an incident.

This didn’t settle with me……our parents aren’t the type to blame anyone else for the ‘incidents’ that can happen with our kids. But a call to emergency services is still a call to emergency services… I asked What if we just call you if we ever have to call 911 during an event?

Perfect. She said.

And there was my answer. In many non-profit event worlds, a seizure is a big deal… incident causing, report it big deal.

We get the call us only-if-it’s-a-911-seizure-incident-reporting clause.

It’s nice to work with people who understand our people.

2 thoughts on “Incident”

  1. This CNDC place sounds so great – that's my kind of organization! And, it seems like they are so flexible and accommodating, I love it when people who run these types of things aren't so “black and white” because there are so many shades of gray!


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