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A forward post

This is not from me…it’s from my friend Deana- Max’s Mom. It left me ugly crying on a Delta flight from Atlanta this evening.

So I thought I would share.

Thank you Deana for putting into words this amazing relationship we have with this amazing place.

A time to give…

It’s that time of year again. The Alice 105.9 Alice’s 36 Hours for Kids to raise money and awareness for The Children’s Hospital here in Aurora, CO. Although I’m not listening to the radio all day at work, or in the car, I have followed this for a few years now, as they do so much to raise money for Children’s Hospital.

The stories are heart-warming, and full of kids who have needed this amazing hospital for some part of their lives, and many have gotten better because of the top-notch care they’ve received. These are worthy stories, beautiful stories of miracles. But, they aren’t the only stories. There are so many other stories that don’t make it on air. The stories like ours…maybe the stories of the kiddos that don’t ever get better. They are the stories that are hard to hear. We want to hear about the miracles. We want to hear about how this top rated hospital can time and time again “Make It All Better”. But we are the stories that should also be heard.

Ours are the children who make it into the hospital for a small stomach bug, and leave three weeks later, having spent Christmas on the Eighth Floor, an emergency surgery, with a price tag of twice our yearly income going back to the place that once again saved our son’s life. Ours are the ones who have been handed over into the hands of surgeons to stop the 200 plus seizures a day, coming back a new baby with part of his brain missing, but also hundreds of seizures missing too. Ours are the ones who have seen nearly every specialist department in the hospital, bypassing only the general pediatric team. Ours are the ones that have been in so much, we have favorite nurses, favorite rooms, favorite floors.

Ours are the children who died, and were brought back to life, but are never ever the same. Ours are the children who have the disease that will one day take their lives. Ours are the children who are mysteries to the doctors, who are still hoping for a diagnosis. Ours are the children who may look perfectly fine, but take a team of doctors with intensive care to help them do the things so many take for granted. Ours are the children who have left us, after the world renowned doctors just could do no more.

Ours are the children who make up the Children’s Hospital. The ones who will go to be treated time and time again for the remainder of their short lives. The ones who are here today because we are fortunate enough to have a thriving Children’s Hospital in our backyard. The ones who are no longer with us, but whose legacy lives on through foundations giving funds back to Children’s for research to find a cure of the disease that couldn’t be stopped.

So, when you listen, give…give generously. They do amazing things for all kids. The ones who get better, and the ones whose lives depend completely on places like The Children’s Hospital for them to get come home one more time.

1 thought on “A forward post”

  1. Sorry it left you ugly crying on a plane…which made Steve chuckle more than once last night for the guy sitting next to you. I wrote it for us all…love you much.


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