Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief


It has been a busy evening.

I have unfriended two people on Facebook.

TWO! I am out of control.

I have somehow managed to acquire 503 friends. People who put up with my silliness, my rantings, my crazy thoughts, liberal, non-profit antics and blog posts.

And I thank you for that. I know I am not perfect nor am I always right….as much as I would like to think I am.  

I did the math (even though I was an English major) and to unfriend 2 people out of 503 leaves me with an ‘unfriend’ average of .3%.

I’m okay with .3%. Think about it. If you had a gathering and only .3% of your invitees were inappropriate, you would think that was a successful gathering!

And I do find my .3% a success.

We have quite a lot to process in our world today. Which leads to a lot of opinions and a lot of voices. 

I do think just because we have a voice, a keyboard and opposing thumbs, we should not always use them. 

One of tonight’s unfriending compared abortion to Newtown….that we are so outraged about Newtown but still have legalized abortion.

I did not lose a child in Newtown.

But I have lost two children who were very wanted, anticipated and loved.

I have never had an abortion….thank goodness.

But I thought how dare this person? How dare this person take a political agenda based on a tragedy? I thought how I would feel as a Newtown parent to read this comparison.

And so I unfriended. And that was okay.

And I thought, maybe

Just maybe…

We should save political agendas based on tragedies to those and only those who have gone through that tragedy. In return, I will never give you advice on how to parent your teenager.

To mind our manners before we post something.

We never know the absolute, mind-shattering impact until we walk a mile or perhaps run a marathon, in someone else’s shoes.

.3%…..only .3% but they are so very noisy.

Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Whatcha gonna do?

It has been a whopper of a week. Boston has rocked our world, wondering if there is ever a safe place.

And our Senators have rejected further background checks for gun ownership.
I am not against people owning guns. But I do think if I need a credit check for a credit card, a background check for a job and a drivers license for Sudafed, I should need a back ground check for a gun.

Have you ever shot a gun?  My liberal toting tushie has and I must say, that gun holds a lot of power.

And Boston….who has shown us that you do not need a gun to cause unfathomable damage.

So complex. So much emotion.

Everyday I get up and I go to work.
But I love my job. And I love what I do on the side. I work with non-profits, I manage a non-profit and it is times like this that I am reminded of the importance of good.

Doing is good is good. It is good for society but almost selfishly, it reminds us that the bad will not over ride what the good is doing. It cannot, we are better than that.

Along that theme, here is our 2013 Courage Classic Video- reminding us of the good we can do:

So whatcha gonna do? To feed your soul? To remind yourself that so many of us want to do good. And to spread the good, the hope and the love. We are so much better than what makes the news.

Whatcha gonna do?