Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief


It has been a busy evening.

I have unfriended two people on Facebook.

TWO! I am out of control.

I have somehow managed to acquire 503 friends. People who put up with my silliness, my rantings, my crazy thoughts, liberal, non-profit antics and blog posts.

And I thank you for that. I know I am not perfect nor am I always right….as much as I would like to think I am.  

I did the math (even though I was an English major) and to unfriend 2 people out of 503 leaves me with an ‘unfriend’ average of .3%.

I’m okay with .3%. Think about it. If you had a gathering and only .3% of your invitees were inappropriate, you would think that was a successful gathering!

And I do find my .3% a success.

We have quite a lot to process in our world today. Which leads to a lot of opinions and a lot of voices. 

I do think just because we have a voice, a keyboard and opposing thumbs, we should not always use them. 

One of tonight’s unfriending compared abortion to Newtown….that we are so outraged about Newtown but still have legalized abortion.

I did not lose a child in Newtown.

But I have lost two children who were very wanted, anticipated and loved.

I have never had an abortion….thank goodness.

But I thought how dare this person? How dare this person take a political agenda based on a tragedy? I thought how I would feel as a Newtown parent to read this comparison.

And so I unfriended. And that was okay.

And I thought, maybe

Just maybe…

We should save political agendas based on tragedies to those and only those who have gone through that tragedy. In return, I will never give you advice on how to parent your teenager.

To mind our manners before we post something.

We never know the absolute, mind-shattering impact until we walk a mile or perhaps run a marathon, in someone else’s shoes.

.3%…..only .3% but they are so very noisy.

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