Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Pretty Sure it was Better than a Powder Day

I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie. 

Not super over the top but I tend to rush into things that make me feel good, make my heart beat fast, make me feel like I am alive. 

But the biggest rush I get? 

Raising money for our charity, Miracles for Mito. 

I KNOW……how super cheesy is that? 

Super, duper cheese with a side of cheddar. But I love it. I love it more than a crystal, clear, knee deep powder day….(for those non-skiers, this is a deep snow day. I wasn’t going to post that but if you  didn’t know ski jargon, that comment might seem odd….but I digress, as usual)

Nothing makes me feel more alive, nothing makes me feel like in this crazy world, with our craptastic circumstances, that some good can come from something. 

Last week, we had our Miles for Mito Run/Walk at my company. I am blessed to work at a great place with great people. 120 people came out to raise money for our non-profit. 

We ran, walked, raised money, ate ice cream and enjoyed a lovely spring day. 

At the start line: 


This is for charity but we have quite a lot of competitors out there 🙂

Ice Cream Truck! Sweet Cow Ice Cream for all! 

Lovely Day

Samantha and Jacob’s favorite nurse came out to run…..and beat all the ladies! Thanks Whitney! 

This was the best… the end of the ride, four women showed up with horses to ride on the path. The kiddos loved the horses and went over to give them a pat. Next thing I know, these lovely women are taking our kiddos around on the horses! 

Now how cool is that? 

Later, people asked if I was happy with how much we raised, how many people turned out, etc. I was happy, I was very happy. But more than that, my heart was full. I felt surrounded by love and support and ate it up like Sweet Cow ice cream. 

It was better than a powder day. 

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