Life Today

Days of Days

Friday was Rare Disease Day

Sunday was National Pig Day

Today is Spread the Word to End the Word Day

And I also found out….TODAY….that the Sound of Music turns 50 this year…AND it’s being re-released in theaters in April. AND Julie Andrews travels with her own tea kettle. Of course she does. 

I celebrated these special anniversaries today by watching the second best movie ever made, second only to the Sound of MusicSteel Magnolias. I am home sick with a virus that took my voice. This is what happens when I can’t talk. 

What do all of these days have in common???? Each represent a part of my life that I love and happened to fall within this week. 

Here is the video for Rare Disease Day……beautiful and all about community and awareness. I never in a bazillion years thought I would know so much about the rare diseases mentioned. I never really wanted to know….or knew that I wanted to know…..Awareness and hope. 

Awareness, hope and bacon! Because Sunday was National Pig Day! Turns out National Pig Day has nothing to do with Bacon. In fact, Bacon has its own day….December 30th…National Bacon Day. Good to know. 

No, National Pig Day is all about Babe and other lovely piggies. It was started in 1972 in respect for our smart farm animals. Hence, no bacon today…maybe a veggie chili. 

But in my research of National Pig Day, I also found out there is a Fancy Rat and Mouse Day. November 12th- mark your calendar. I think we may….we may….have too many days. 

TODAY most importantly, was Spread the Word to End the Word day. That ‘R’ word. Oof….it bruises my ear. I will be a dunderhead, a nincompoop or nutty I will not be a r….tard nor will my actions. Try it! Rizzo Fancy the Rat will try it too. 

And the Sound of Music. It’s re-release being the topping to my non-verbal day. Representing a time in my life when I didn’t know I fell into the Rare Disease population or that the ‘R’ word would bruise my soul so. When all that mattered was Warm woolen mittens….brown paper packages tied up with strings….and a good day skiing on the Zugspitze.

All of these days. Combined with Today Heather has no Voice Day’ which lead toDownloading Steel Magnolias Day’. ….The most quotable chick-flick ever and the best movie about good friends. 

And if your life takes you from singing in the Alps, to knowing all about Rare Disease Day and the personal impact the ‘R’ word has on your ears….your friends will bring laughter through your tears and bacon….oh wait….not bacon. They will bring laughter through tears and a pig. 

Good Friends. 

PS. Their is no We Love Steel Magnolias Day. We should start one- just to compete with Fancy Rat Day 

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