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Halloween, dia de los muertos, The Smiths and Yoga

Oh Halloween…..

You Holiday of adorable children dressed in fabulous costumes. 

How I love and despise you. 

How I wonder where I fit with this holiday. This holiday of ‘what do you want to BE for Halloween??’ 

So many things I would like to be……but alas, cannot.

So instead, I think I will identify with Dia de los Muertos. Although I have to say, the skulls still seem freaky, I love this holiday more and more. 

Check out this video of how we honor our dead, or maybe could….

And even The Smiths got involved…of course

All disgruntled teens of the 80’s thank you,  El Mariachi Manchester. 

I will not lie. When I said a couple posts ago that you have to find joy everyday…..Joy at times can be an elusive bastard. 

Today I sat in yoga. I joined a yoga class because ever since my half-iron man, I’m as tight as a discarded, sun dried piece of jerky.

I have the knees of my Grandfather. I love my Grandfather but he has horrible knees. 

The other day? After Masters Swim Practice? I went to get out of the pool and fell back in because my tight knees gave in. 

Did you hear that??? I FELL BACK IN THE POOL!!!!!!

So, I am in yoga. 

In savasana today, our yogi asked us to think of what makes us grateful. 

I laid there and thought, “I got nothin,” In the words of my dia de los muertos friends….nada. 

Because I didn’t have ANYTHING and I’m sorry, but I won’t force a good thought if I can’t find one. 

So I searched, the whole time for a good thought.  I stretched my tight knees and searched for gratitude. 


And then I walked out of the studio and found the 30 days of gratitude challenge!!!!!

I have to do 15 days of yoga in the month of November. 

And of course I signed up because for every class you attend, you get a GOLD STAR by your name!!!!

I love gold stars. 

I have to do 14 days of yoga until the end of November. I looked at the calendar and the very best I can do is 12 days but we will see. You want to be grateful with me? Come to CorePower Yoga in Broomfield on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

I do get a gold star by my name. 

I walked out of the studio, passed by my yogi and a bucket of Kit Kats. 

“I think today I am grateful for Kit Kats,” I said. And I took TWO. 

“Aren’t we all,” she replied

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