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Crazy Optimism

Tomorrow is Colorado Gives Day!!!! 

A chance for us to give to our favorite nonprofits in our area and to even get a match by First Bank. 

Thanks First Bank! You’re the Colorado Bank for me 🙂 

There will be many deserving, amazing causes. There always are. 

And I will be out there, creating a ruckus for my cause, Miracles for Mito 

It is hard to describe what this nonprofit has done for me. We started it four months after we lost Samantha. Her Memorial Fund had raised $8,000. 

What to do with $8,000? 

We could have given it to Children’s- a cause you know is so dear to my heart. 

We could have given it to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation- A nonprofit who fights everyday to find a cure or treatment for Mitochondrial Disease- the disease that has rocked our family. 

Or……we could create something. Something in Colorado to help Mitochondrial Families. 

Would this work? 

How many Mitochondrial Families are out there? 

At the time, I knew five. 

Can we create a nonprofit to support five families? 

But nothing else felt so right and so daring and so perfect to do in the memory of our girl. 

Five years later, we support 80 families in the Rocky Mountain Region. When a child gets diagnosed with a Mitochondrial Disease or suspected Mitochondrial disease, they are referred to us for support. 

We are the only game in town for Mitochondrial Support. 

I love what we have done. I love working with our President, Maria. I love our board and I love our mission. 

It is not always easy. This is a heart wrenching disease that steals hopes and futures. But I can’t be anywhere else. It’s impossible to care about a cause more. 

Nonprofits are created out of passion, love and a crazy optimistic hope that you can change a situation. This right here is my crazy optimistic hope. 

So tomorrow, if you can…give a bit….two days of Starbucks. 

It might not be for us and that’s okay but feed a passion, fuel a love, be a hope. 

Happy Colorado Gives 🙂 

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