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My Dear Acquaintance

I totally stole this lovely song. 


And know I’m not even hip enough to steal it from the very hip singer, Regina Spektor. I had to steal it from a writer who I adore and would love to meet for cocktails; Jenny Lawson. 

She posted this on New Year’s. 

I listened to this on New Years and cried- a good cry, a beautiful, cleansing New Years cry. Come on, give it three minutes.

All of those who are hither and yonder
With love in our hearts 
We grow fonder and fonder
Hail to those who we hold so dear
And hail to those who are gathered here

And a happy new year to all that is living
To all that is gentle, young, and forgiving
Raise your glass and we’ll have a cheer
My dear acquaintance, a happy new year

Happy new year

I never look at years at successes or failures- 365 days leads to many joyous and loaded moments. 2015 has held all of them. 

Six years ago I met three other moms with special needs kiddos in a hospital cafeteria.

We sat at lunch and decided we should meet again; maybe for adult bevies and longer conversations….and maybe invite other Special Needs Moms.

And so we became the Super Moms- now 17 families strong. 

Six months later I lost Samantha and didn’t feel very super…..or very Mom and my involvement with the Supermoms waned. 

But last week I sat in a church in the very last row with ten of my Supermoms as we said goodbye to one of our Littles. My head rested on one Mama’s shoulder and another held my hand. I looked across at the aisle of these brave women and thought how grateful I am to know these amazing people. 

And that was 2015- lovely, amazing, tragic, magical. And along this entire journey I have looked and thought ‘My Good God, thank you for the people who have joined us.’ 

And we ebb and we flow….but we always come back to the shoulder where we can rest our head. 

But My Dear Acquaintance, it’s so good to know you
For the strength of your hand that is loving and giving
And a happy new year with love overflowing
With joy in our hearts for a blessed new year

Happy, happy New Year My Dear Acquaintance.

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