Life Today

I love you the way I learned to ride a bike

This year I went a little crazy and ordered Summits for Samantha t-shirts. 

I have to say, I heart them. 

We have sage green and pink for the Ladies

And gray and green for the Gents. 

But my favorite is the back. I love this quote by Rudy Francisco. 

The Men’s shirts showed up today and I held one up for Hubs. 

“What do you think?” I asked

“I don’t get the quote.” 

“You don’t get it?” 

“I don’t get it.” 

“Don’t you remember learning how to ride a bike and you were so scared and the bike wobbled and you were all like whoa………do I have this? I don’t think I have this. And you were so afraid that you would fall and you did fall and it hurt but you got back up?” 

“I don’t remember this,” he said. 

“Well you should!” 

And then I went on my tangent… 

“My first bike was a Schwinn and she was rainbow colored and she had a yellow banana seat and I named her Rainbow, which wasn’t very original but I was six. And I LOVED her! And Rainbow and I would ride in the middle of the road and do figure eights and I would pretend she was a pony. One day I got honked at- which was rude.”

I paused.

“I wonder where Rainbow is now.” 

Hubs continued to look at me.

So I went on…….

“But being in love is kind of like this. You could fall, you could get horrifically banged up, you WILL fall but you have to be reckless- you have to trust the bike.” 

And I went on.

“AND loving someone whole-heartedly? Someone who is sick? Someone who you know will leave this life before you? How reckless and scary is that? But you do it anyway, because you can’t help yourself. Because it is love. And that’s what this ride is about- for all of these families; for us, it is reckless, and scary and love.” 

“Don’t you love these shirts?” 

He looked at me and paused, “I love these shirts.” 

I tossed Hubs a large. 


And Scary

And love. 

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