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Happy Veterans Day

I spent three years in Germany during my twenties.

It was one of the most memorable times of my life. I was a civilian working for the military at an Armed Forces Recreational Center.

I served those who served.

Really I taught the Littles of those who served how to ski, which wasn’t a bad gig in the German Alps.

In the summer I found random jobs; lifeguard, pizza delivery and one summer at the German-American Golf Course.

I worked in one of the most beautiful places on 

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It was also 1994, 50 years since World War II  and the impact of what happened here two generations ago was palpable.

The golf course sold American candy which was crazy because we lived in the land of the very best chocolate and we were trying to pawn off Twix Bars and Reese’s Pieces. A Germany man would come in often and buy ten Hersey bars at a time.

I asked why the Hersey Bars.

“You have the very best chocolate! Right here! What’s so special about a Hersey Bar?”

He told me that the Americans came through Garmisch on April 29, 1945.

He was six.

“I was so hungry. We didn’t have anything left to eat. The soldiers arrived and they gave the children Hersey bars. They were the very best thing I ever ate. Nothing in the world tastes as good as a Hersey Bar.”

He carefully unwrapped the chocolate and gave me a piece. I closed my eyes and tried to taste what he tasted.

I could not

I have never been that hungry. I have never been that scared. I have not had my world turned upside down at age six. 

As he ate I piece, he smiled and nodded his head; perhaps thoughts of hope, gratitude, memories of a six year old belly that felt a little less empty.

I felt so honored. Honored that this man shared this sacred memory and his sacred chocolate. Honored that he remembered the day 49 years ago not with tanks and strange men but with soldiers who share chocolate. And I felt honored that these brave men, my fellow Americans made this small boy feel so much better.

Happy Veterans Day.  

Life Today

Angry Brain

Earlier this week I felt I had been wronged.


And it made me angry.


And I played scenarios in my head. And I rethought conversations. And I sat. I sat in my anger.

And it made me dumb.

I am not joking.

On Tuesday I was at work with my anger.

I went into the kitchen to get my yogurt.

And I walked back to my desk with a spoon- no yogurt, which was in the refrigerator NEXT to the spoons. No yogurt just a lonely spoon.

And so I went back into the kitchen to get my yogurt.

And returned with a napkin which I sat under the spoon that both waited for the yogurt.

At this point I started laughing and realized how this issue had taken over my brain.

My anger made me dumb.

No one should go into the kitchen three times for yogurt- no matter how tasty it is.

I finally sat at my desk and peeled back the top foil of the container. The caption on the cover had a statement on top.

BEST DAY EVER– it said.

Enough. I told myself.


Enough being angry. Not that I didn’t mind being angry. I felt justified in my anger! Righteous in my anger! But my anger was taking too much space. My angry brain was consuming my yogurt brain. My yogurt brain was just hungry.

I looked at the foil that read BEST DAY EVER and I told myself to be mindful to make this day my BEST DAY EVER.

I licked the blueberry remnants off the foil and stuck the reminder on my cubbie wall.

Yes. Yes, there is a slobbery blueberry yogurt foil stating BEST DAY EVER pinned to my wall now. You call it gross, I call it fung shui.

It was not my best day ever but it was better. Much better that I decided not to let the anger take up so much space.

This anger had nothing to do with the election but it made me think of our politics and how we are two days from Tuesday and that some people are so, so mad. And you know what? You are probably justified in your anger, you are righteous in your anger…. 

But don’t let it take up your good parts.

Do this for you, do this for yourself….don’t let your angry brain take over. Trust me. I walked a mile to get my yogurt.