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Colorado Gives Day- Give Where You Live

When Samantha died we raised $8,000 from her Memorial Fund.

$8,000 is a lot of money.

And it could have gone a lot of places; Children’s Colorado, the UMDF, MitoAction…..but nothing resonated.

I wanted to make this $8,000 count. Really count. Like Superman stopping the earthquake count.

I wanted to make this Memorial Fund money as impactful as Samantha.

And whatever materialized from this fund, I wanted to keep this money in Colorado.

Because when you are sick, when you are searching for your tribe, it’s good to know you have something in your backyard.

Many times I was told how great the Mito clinic in Cleveland is.

And you know what? It is great. It is an awesome clinic. But if you are sick or your kiddo is sick, sometimes Cleveland might as well be on the moon.

Colorado Gives is not just about us: it’s about all of the other services our state provides from the Mental Health Center of Denver, to Animal House, to Rocky Mountain Food Bank…..the care and compassion generated here is pretty stinkin’ awesome.

So tomorrow if you have an extra 10 spot in your chinos, pass it onto your favorite local nonprofit.

Give local.

Because if you are ever looking for help… never helps to hear “well you know, they have a great center for this in Albany.”

Thank you awesome tribe. You can donate to your favorite Mito Cause here:

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